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Client: TASHI™

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Unlike so many protein smoothies on the market today, TASHI™ offers something different: It's a 100% natural plant-based protein that includes gut-nourishing probiotics. As a result, TASHI™ protein not only helps to fuel performance and manage weight, it also aids digestion and helps to maintain gut health.

TASHI asked us to help develop a fresh new brand identity that would clearly communicate these outstanding features and benefits of their product.

Standing out in the competitive protein market is challenging, so we needed to ensure the TASHI branding would be distinctive and captivating to the target consumer.

To do this we used a bright colour palette with colours that reflect the different protein flavours. 

Developing the logo

TASHI wanted a logo that would be simple, yet dynamic, and which would clearly communicate one of the key features of their product - that it is plant-based, made with golden pea protein that is allergen-free.

The logo we designed incorporates the brand name and a lime green leaf - to represent the golden pea. These elements remain constant in the logo, with the background colour changing, depending on the product flavour (eg chocolate brown for the chocolate flavour, etc).

Communicating key brand messages

The guiding principle for our approach was to ensure the features that make TASHI unique in their market were clearly communicated. We did this through a combination of photographs, graphics, and text that communicate the unique plant-based protein source (the golden pea leaves on all packaging), the different flavours, and the key health benefits.

For the packaging images, no photoshoot was needed. We pulled together this appealing, crisp look, using stock photography and some Photoshop magic!

Not just packaging!

We did much more than packaging for TASHI! We rolled out their new branding across a range of collateral, including brochures, flyers, and posters, ensuring a consistent brand identity across these touchpoints.

We also worked with a third party on the design for TASHI's website, suppling the static graphics for the site.

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