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Client: Apollo Kindergarten

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Apollo Kindergarten believe in each child’s unique potential. They see their role as supporting every child in their care to develop this potential. They do this by recognising each child as capable and singular individuals, and providing them with high quality, expansive, and enriching learning experiences.

Like the Apollo mission to put a man on the Moon, Apollo Kindergarten strives to support pre-school children to broaden their horizons and discover the world around them. They approached us to develop branding, stationery, signage, and a website which reflect this goal and tie in with the theme of the Apollo space mission.

logo design apollo kindergarten
branding graphic apollo kindergarten

We were tasked to develop branding and graphics that would have childlike appeal while still resonating with parents. To do this we  started with bright and cheerful colours to capture the interest and attention of both children and their caregivers. 

The logo


We were asked to create a logo for Apollo Kindergarten which would reflect their brand identity and look great in everything from business cards to signage.

To tie in with the theme of the Apollo mission, we developed a logo of a rocket launching, contained inside a moon sphere. To ensure usability across all Apollo Kindergarten use-cases, we stripped down the logo to its key elements.

Yellow was selected as the colour for the logo because of its ability to capture the attention and because its lends a sense of cheerfulness, positivity, and enlightenment.

apollo kindergarten brochure book design

Building a brand story

On the website and in print media (eg the parent handbook), the space theme was supported by photographs of children playing rocket-themed make-believe. This supports the Apollo Kindergarten brand story of discovery, striving to fulfil each child’s potential, and exciting learning experiences.

graphic collateral apollo kindergarten business card
apollo kindergarten brochure design
apollo kindergarten pillar signage

Attention-grabbing signage

Situated on the busy Apollo drive in Rosedale, the challenge was for the kindergarten signage to stand out on the road front. Once again, our selection of a vibrant, cheerful colour palette, dominated by a dynamic yellow, helped to support the Apollo kindergarten brand, as well as ensure fantastic street appeal and visibility. 


website design apollo kindergarten

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