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Client: Daikin

Services: Collateral > Signage > Digital


Daikin is one of the most trusted names in heat pumps and air conditioning for homes, businesses, and community projects across Aoteoroa, New Zealand. 

We were invited to work alongside the Daikin marketing team as their creative support specialists to help promote the Daikin brand to the New Zealand market. This included work on social media and other marketing campaigns. 

branding daikin business cards
brochure design daikin
design daikin product brochure

As an established international brand, Daikin needed us to work within their brand standards and guidelines, whilst adapting these to the New Zealand commercial and lifestyle market.

production daikin brochure design

Touchpoints that speak to the NZ market

We partnered with the Daikin marketing team to design sales touch points that resonate with the New Zealand market. This included collateral, instore signage, and media.

An example is the unique life-sized fold out brochures which the Daikin sales team can use to demonstrate to potential customers what the product would look like in situ.

Infographics, iconography

We designed a range of complex infographics to ensure the Daikin marketing materials clearly explain the workings of different product types in an easily understandable way for the New Zealand market. Along with this, we developed sets of helpful icons, tailored for New Zealand requirements.

design daikin pullup banners
promotion daikin vehicle signage
showroom daikin signage
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In addition to an extensive range of signage and collateral, we worked on a series of marketing campaigns for Daikin NZ. This included SuperRugby sponsorship merchandising and an inhouse marketing portal that sales reps and suppliers can use to invite key clients to rugby games - as a PR and network building tool.

We also developed graphics for social media campaigns to promote seasonal Daikin products and support marketing across other media platforms.

signage daikin window graphic
graphic daikin campaign
brochure daikin brand collateral
design daikin poster

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