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The Hanlon Group offers comprehensive end-to-end plumbing solutions and wanted a digital presence that reflects their commitment to excellence. As Hanlon’s web development partner, our mission was clear: to create a digital platform that effectively showcases the company's diverse services while presenting a unified front for all divisions under The Hanlon Group. Striking a balance between engagement and information delivery became key. We aimed to ensure visitors to the site can seamlessly navigate Hanlon’s extensive services, while highlighting the Hanlon Group’s comprehensive end-to-end plumbing solutions.

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A unified brand

Hanlon Plumbing's website underwent a transformation to embody a cohesive brand identity for all divisions within The Hanlon Group. Meticulous attention to detail, including consistent colour schemes, typography, and imagery, ensure the website now presents a unified front to visitors. By presenting a cohesive brand narrative, we aimed to foster trust and credibility among clients, reinforcing Hanlon Plumbing's position as an industry leader.

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A rich multimedia experience

To deepen visitor engagement and showcase the Hanlon Group’s capabilities, we incorporated interactive carousels and captivating image galleries into the website. In addition, externally created videos are seamlessly integrated into the website to enhance user experience, highlighting Hanlon's work in action.

These multimedia elements allow effortless exploration of Hanlon’s services and projects. They not only engage visitors but also highlight the company's extensive capabilities, fostering a deeper understanding of its services, and confidence in the brand.

Efficient communication channels


Recognising the importance of efficient communication, the website implements tailored contact forms to direct enquiries to the appropriate departments within the organisation. These customised forms collect essential information, ensuring prompt follow-up by the relevant division.

The website also features clear calls-to-action and prominently displayed contact information, making it easy for visitors to initiate communication with Hanlon.

Empowering flexible content management with Silverstripe 5

What truly empowers Hanlon Plumbing is the website's content management system (CMS) built on Silverstripe. Silverstripe's user-friendly interface allows Hanlon's team to easily update and manage their website content themselves, without needing any technical expertise. Now Hanlon can easily keep their website content fresh, accurate, and engaging with new service offerings, project updates, and industry news. The benefits are clear: This increased autonomy reduces reliance on external developers, thereby saving time and resources.

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Hanlon Plumbing's website evolution represents a successful integration of design, functionality, and content. By prioritising unified brand representation, rich multimedia experiences, and efficient communication channels, the website serves as a compelling showcase of Hanlon Plumbing's comprehensive plumbing solutions.

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