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Client: LiveFit health & fitness festival

Services: Branding > Collateral > Signage > Digital > Web


LiveFit want to inspire, motivate, and educate people to strive to be the healthiest version of themselves. They also provide a vital way for businesses to connect with consumers who are passionate about health and wellbeing.

LiveFit approached us to design and develop an onpoint brand identity for them with an upbeat, lively, and energetic feel. They also needed us to develop signage and other collateral for the LiveFit festival that would produce a bright, punchy, festival atmosphere worthy of the events calendar.

Also key to LiveFit's vision is an 'always on' 24/7 platform that Kiwis can access when they need some extra motivation around their health, fitness, and wellbeing goals. They asked us to develop a web platform that would fulfil this vision.

identity livefit business card
branding livefit vehicle signage

The LiveFit solution required brand consistency across all touch points: online, social media, media billboards, vehicles, ticketing, event signage, point-of-sale brand collateral, and much more.  This was achieved through consistent use of colours and iconography.

brochures livefit graphic design

Crafting a consistent brand identity

The LiveFit festival collateral was tailored to provide a platform for businesses to showcase their product and brand to a genuinely health-focussed audience.

Clever use of colour, clean crisp graphics, and unique iconography were employed to appeal to the target consumer market, as well as businesses wanting to use LiveFit as a conduit to health-conscious consumers.

These design elements were also incorporated into the website and social media templates - to ensure a consistent brand identity across all channels.

graphic artwork livefit
livefit event branding collateral
branding livefit signage

Flexible digital media solutions

By building the web solution using the powerful Silverstripe framework, we made it possible for LiveFit to use the Silverstripe CMS to make changes to their website content themselves - making updating information for future events convenient and straightforward.

For better use of their budget, we worked closely with the LiveFit team to deliver practical graphics and digital content management and marketing tools so that they could effectively manage their own media inhouse.



website livefit silverstripe

Simple social media solutions

Social media is a key way that LiveFit communicates with its audience. To support this, we set them up with a DIY social media solution, with customised tile templates. This makes it possible for them to easily create and update their own social media content to showcase upcoming events and profiles of influencers.

We also created a bespoke MailChimp template for LiveFit - to facilitate easy direct marketing to their target audience.

social media solution livefit template
website development livefit
digital advertisement livefit

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