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Raymor is one of Australia's most trusted and enduring homeware brands, with over 70 years providing innovative products of superior quality and design. 

With over 600 products, retailing at different price points in different parts of Australia, Raymor needed a product information management solution that would enable low-friction online purchasing for plumbers, builders, architects, and homeowners alike.  

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Raymor wanted to make it easy for customers to find products that fit their style. The Inspiration hub on the website facilitates this by using gallery hotspots to engage users and make it easy for them to find the product categories they are interested in.

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Inspiring tools

Key to the web solution for Raymor was the integration of their product information management (PIM) system. This makes updating their product offer on the web a breeze: they load the new product on to their catalogue, and it is automatically pushed to their website, as well as the Tradelink site (for product purchases). The result is easy management of their product catalogue across multiple platforms.

For customers, a Wishlist was created to facilitate easy conversion to sales. Once users have created a login, they can easily add products they are interested in to their Wishlist .

Reflecting the brand

Throughout the website, animations and graphics are used to boost user engagement and to effectively reflect the playful, fun, and friendly nature of the Raymor brand.

The brand message is clear and consistent throughout the website: home projects are fun, and Raymor have all the fantastic howeware products you need to make developing your home's unique style an enjoyable experience.

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Silverstripe flexibility

To ensure the site displays and works beautifully on a range of devices, from mobile phones to desktop, we built the site using the Silverstripe framework. The Silverstripe CRM also gives Raymor the power to update their web images and text whenever they need, and to ensure the result is always SEO-friendly.

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