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The mission of Sorted in Schools is to equip young people with the financial knowledge and skills they need to thrive. They have developed a comprehensive suite of Financial Capability resources for students and teachers, and wanted to transform this into quality online learning opportunities. To support this vision, they asked us to develop an online platform that would entice students to engage fully with the Financial Capability resources, and to enjoy the learning experience.

Initially, they approached us to work on the pilot program for Year 9 and 10 students, and we have continued the partnership to work on resources for NCEA (Year 11 to 13).

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Keeping it fun!

Key to appealing to the school-aged demographic, was the inclusion of dynamic elements and iconography that support the impression of a fun, engaging subject matter. 

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Leveraging Silverstripe subsites

A key requirement for the online solution, was the inclusion of resources for both English Medium and Māori Medium Education. To facilitate this, we built the website using the Silverstripe content management system. This allowed us to create subsites to separately house the English and te Reo content. These subsites not only contain resources in the different languages, but allow for a structure and arrangement of resources tailored to English and Māori learners respectively.

As both the English and te Reo Māori sites include separate resources for teachers and learners, we leveraged Silverstripe to create teacher and student hubs to allow users to easily access targeted content.

Effortless content management

Sorted in Schools are continually working to develop new and improved Financial Capability resources. As a result, they needed the flexibility to update and upload the website content themselves.

Using the Silverstripe framework meant we could build a web solution for them which makes updating their own content a breeze.

Play to learn

The gamification of the Financial Capability content was one of the key ways we supported the Sorted in Schools vision of accessible and engaging Financial Capability learning experiences.

Using dynamic and fun interactives that work equally well on all devices, was decisive in ensuring a fun and engaging experience for learners. Learners play mini-games or activities to improve their financial literacy, learn about how to manage expenses and income, become better at making financial decisions, and understand how to effectively navigate debt.

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Well-aware of the fact that most secondary students access online content via mobile devices, we used a mobile-first design that was pivotal to a clean and easily-navigable site.

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User dashboards & CRM

Sorted in Schools wanted a way for users to easily access and manage content that matters to them. To facilitate this, we integrated the Hubspot CRM into the web solution.

This enables teachers and learners to sign up to the online platform, giving them access to a unique dashboard from where they can access and share their favourite resources.

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