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Client: TRG Imaging

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TRG imaging is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services,focussing on services that are both technically outstanding and delivered with compassion and supportive care.

 As a collective of radiologists, TRG needed a dynamic unifying brand for the group. They approached us to create a brand with a distinct New Zealand feel that would stand out in a sea of clinical-looking healthcare brands. They also asked us to give their current website a refresh – to elevate the design, and better reflect the supportive and professional imaging services they provide.

digital development TRG branding
branding TRG business card

Our approach

Radiology services can be confronting for customers. To portray the caring and supportive service provided by TRG, we muted the existing brand colours to create a calming, relaxed, and classy feel.

website TRG silverstripe

Brand identity

To emphasise the New Zealand identity of the group, we used lots of greens, and introduced elements of New Zealand native flora and fauna as part of the distinctive brand identity.

The logo was developed to be a clear an easily recognisable representation of the services TRG offered: a three-dimensional depiction of a CT scanner.

This unique brand identity was woven throughout the website, brand collateral, signage, and clinic fitouts that we completed for TRG.

The web solution

TRG needed their website to present a large amount of information, including the numerous imaging services offered by the group. The challenge was to make all this information accessible to users, while still ensuring a clean layout.

Key to this is an intuitive navigation which makes it easy for users to access the information they need. This includes easy access to location and booking information, and detailed information on the different imaging services available.

Special consideration was given to accessibility, including a large, clear typeface, and a low-friction booking facility that even the most technically-challenged user can easily navigate.

graphic TRG folder stationary
mobile design development TRG
TRG signage design

Engaging & flexible

Plenty of dynamic elements  on the website maximise visitor engagement, while at the same time, the use of smooth transitions helps customers feel calmed and at ease.

The website was carefully designed and built using Silverstripe to give TRG full control over the content, and to ensure the website is SEO-friendly and beautifully responsive on any device.


collateral TRG calendar dle brochure

Unique iconography

We developed a series of unique icons which illustrate the services offered by TRG in an accessible and non-confronting manner. This iconography was used consistently throughout the brand collateral and website.

icon TRG ui graphic

Brand collateral & signage

A distinctive feature of the TRG clinics is that we localised the fitout for each site. Rather than looking at a cold and clinical CT scanner, patients are greeted with a CT scanner adorned in high-quality photographs of their local region.

Above them, patients are soothed by a gorgeous skylight made up of several photographs stitched together to showcase a local New Zealand landscape. All this works together to produce a unique customer experience that is warm and soothing.

website TRG user-friendly

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