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Client: Urology Institute

Services: Branding > Collateral > Signage > Digital > Web


The Urology Institute is a collective of highly-skilled urology specialists, and the largest urology private practice in Auckland. They approached us to develop an eye-catching brand identity that would offer a point of difference in the private healthcare market, and to develop a web solution that would include a self-service patient portal.


branding urology letterhead
printing urology business cards

Initially we were asked to give the Institute's existing logo a facelift, but when we offered them something new, they loved it!  The vibrant colours and organic form were exactly what they were after, and we applied this lively brand identity throughout their signage and website.


website solution urology silverstripe

The web solution

Cognisant of the fact that patients increasingly want to research specialists and make bookings online, The Urology Institute asked us to develop a website that would facilitate this. We worked closely with them to ensure the website makes it easy for patients to find the information they are after, identify a specialist they would like to consult, and reach out to the Institute to arrange an appointment.

Appealing to a diverse audience

One of the Urology Institute's priorities was to diversify in terms of reaching out to different demographics - old and young, and people of different cultures.

We worked with them to select images for the website which would help to support this goal and showcase the vibrant multicultural group of specialists who are part of the Institute.

website design urology homepage
mobile responsive urology website
branding urology signage

Web content management

We wanted to give The Urology Institute the power to update their website content on the fly. This is particularly important in the age of Covid as health providers  need to regularly communicate updates to patients regarding availability of services.

To do this, we built the site using the flexible Silverstripe CMS which enables the Institute's marketing team to easily update content blocks (text and images) as needed.

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