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Client: Winstone Aggregates

Services: Branding > Collateral > Digital > Web


Winstone Aggregates supply competitive and innovate aggregates and sand products to a wide range of industries. Added to this, they operate four fill sites and have labs across New Zealand that offer testing for the Civil Engineering and  Construction industries.

Winstone asked us to help them with a secondary brand identity refresh. Working with their existing colour palette and logo, they wanted us to update the other elements of their brand, and to take their brand identity to the next level.

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We worked with Winstone's existing colour palette and logo to develop a wide range of brand collateral with a consistent brand identity. This included everything from brochures and internal posters, to their new website.

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Discovering the brand

To aid in the development of the secondary brand identity, we did a brand discovery exercise with the Winstone team. We used this exercise to help them identify where they want to position their brand within the market. To support the discovery process, we 'storyboarded' three distinct market points for Winstone: technical high end, friendly (low tech), and something in between.

They opted for the 'something in between' option and loved our use of a land contours motif to demonstrate their respect for the land, and to reflect their slogan of "moving the earth, to bring you the future".

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Consistent brand messaging

We introduced the land contours motif across the wide range of collateral we designed for Winstone: It features prominently on everything from their vehicle signage, to notepads, brochures, and the website. 

They also asked us to design internal posters which clearly communicate their key pillars of safety, and care of the environment, as well as their Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documentation.


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Innovative web solutions

Winstone needed more than a static website - they need a flexible web solution that would allow them to communicate effectively with their target industries and staff.  A clear and user-friendly navigation and site structure makes it effortless for users to find the product or service they are after, and easily request a quote. 

Simplifying website content management

Winstone wanted to be able to serve up news and key resources (forms, brochures,etc) via their website. As this content is constantly changing, they needed an easy way to update their web content asneeded, and to ensure the result is always SEO-friendly. 

Building the website using the Silverstripe framework made this possible. Not only does the Silverstripe CMS make content management a breeze, it also ensures the website is SEO-friendly and displays beautifully on everything from a mobile phone to desktop computer.

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Distinct iconography

As part of their revamped brand identity, Winstone asked us to refresh their icons. The icons needed to be clear and unambigious, and suitable for use across all their brand collateral, their EPD documentation, and their website.

An exemplary EPD document

Winstone asked us to help them design their Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Included in this, we developed a range of clever infographic journeys and unique flowcharts to concisely illustrate their sustainability pathway.

We applied the brand identity consistently throughout the EPD document, even creatively introducing the contour motif in the map of New Zealand.

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